Review of BallieBallerson’s ‘GlowyMcGlow’

What is GlowyMcGlow? you may ask, compelled by the vague yet intriguing name. The evolution of BallieBallerson, GlowyMcGlow, which opened February 10th, is every big kid’s dream set over two floors; booze and balls.

The ground floor bar meets you upon entrance and is spread across two narrow rooms decorated with glow in the dark murals. The usual beer and wine are served alongside an array of planet-themed drinks, such as the Neptune cocktail, a combination of vodka, blueberry puree, lime, charcoal foam and liquid nitrogen, in keeping with the intergalactic feel.

Below the bar is the main event. A ball pit of 250,000 clear balls set over a LED dance floor with a DJ spinning a selection of funk and house from the back of the pit. Put your bags and coats in the cloakroom for a couple of pounds, keeping your phone for the obligatory Snapchat story and Insta post, and dive in. It does get busy, it does get hot and it is difficult to walk through, but once you find a space, be it to toss balls at your friends or to just slide down and be engulfed by the ball pit, it is all good.

You may think to yourself “yes, this sounds fun, but I don’t want to dive into balls everyone has touched”, fear not, the balls are sanitised by the trusted GobbleMuffin, the ball cleaning machine which disinfects 18000 balls an hour and no drinks are allowed below the bar to avoid any sticky situations.

Book your two-hour slot, have a drink and dive in.

PS: For the love of all that is good do not drop your phone. @BallieBallerson