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Founded in 2016, Modern Magazine (a trading name of Modern Media Publishing Ltd.) is a London-based alternative lifestyle and progressive thought publication for modern and forward-thinking men. Our content aims to showcase and champion the multifaceted issues affecting the lives of our readers across the United Kingdom and beyond.

The topics we cover include but are not limited to, cultural & social commentary, politics & activism, business & entrepreneurship, arts & entertainment, homoculture & progressivism, sex & relationships, and health & fitness.

We are committed to delivering excellence in progressive journalism and proudly work to deliver some of the most compelling and thought-provoking news and narratives to audiences worldwide. And through the work and dedication of our team, we strive to affect meaningful change in society and to inspire others to achieve more – and do more – for the greater good.

Modern Magazine is currently available online and will soon be available in print.

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Jason Mackey

Jason Mackey

Founder, Publisher & CEO

Jason is an American serial entrepreneur and business development executive with a comprehensive background in corporate leadership and strategic planning in organisations of varying size and industry. Jason is the Founder and Publisher of Modern Magazine, and occasionally writes articles on US politics and entrepreneurship in business. Jason holds a BS in Economics & History from Northeastern University.

L. Campbell-Clark

L. Campbell-Clark


Legion is a seasoned startup manager, has a passion for creative technology and is constantly developing new ideas and processes. He helped develop the UK's first free credit report service and also founded a Bristol-based legal recruitment agency. As Editor-in-chief Legion oversees content creation at Modern Magazine and ensures continuity of messaging, branding, and cultural values.

Simon Williams

Simon Williams

Managing Editor

Simon is an artist and creative writer with a strong background in the production of innovative theatrical events. Simon co-founded ‘Darkstuff Productions’, and is an award-winning playwright. And through his collaboration with ‘Paines Plough’, the ‘New Writing Company’, and ‘Script Space’, Simon is also an accomplished script editor. In his role as Managing Editor, Simon works to ensure delivery of engaging and inspiring content.